Project Trinity

27/06/2021 by Sojournercntl

Today we can finally bring you something new again. We thank you very much for the support we received from everyone during the pandemic.

Many of our project goals have unfortunately been postponed due to the ongoing circumstances, but now we would like to give you a little insight into Project Trinity.

With Project Trinity we bring a completely new component to the Software Center. It offers the possibility to use the desktop in a way never seen before.

A status bar (which can be activated and deactivated) shows the current user and the most important status information of our services and authentication.

The Quickbar allows you to define shortcuts for the programs in the Software Center, position them freely and use your own icons. What is special about it is that you can also add your own shortcuts.

The Quickbar is only displayed when you are on the desktop and move the mouse pointer into the Quickbar area. It then slides into the picture from below.

Icons in the Quickbar can be positioned and dragged as desired. The mouse wheel and pointers can also be used to make the images of the shortcuts larger and smaller.

Of course we also offer a darkmode for dark desktops. This is ingeniously designed to make working comfortable and intuitive. Thanks to Trinity, you will experience a truly new working experience on the desktop.

Project Trinity releases within the software center in the next update. Project trinity can also be obtained separately.

By Marcus (@Sojournercntl)